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Voice and video

Saves time and money, increases sales efficiency and customer confidence, differentiates any business from competition.

Screen sharing
and co-browsing

Help your customers through a shared screen, for example with ordering or site orientation.


Automatic messages and file uploads, screenshots and call recording, internal communications, statistics ...

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Why us

Every successful online business is looking for ways to reduce site leaving, reduce incomplete orders and increase sales revenue. Sites without online support are comparable to a shop without an assistent. The classic text chat is not so effective and does not increase customer confidence. Our company focuses on online communication with site visitors in real-time, straight from the browser and without any installation, bringing a whole new level of customer service.

We have added voice and video calls, shared screens, and many useful sales support features to regular text chat, so customers can now just call through our service or on the phone, and watch how the operator completes their order. Our service works as a multifunctional communication tool for active sales, customer support and business communications. With the highest quality and security of data transfer. In summary, we are creating a new sales channel that reduces site leaving, speeds customer clearance, and increases profits by the amount and value of orders .

*Statistics depend on users abilities.


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